Tantra Massage


The erotic tantric massage is a whole-body massage where human intimacy is experienced in a wide field beyond traditional massage and modern sexuality.
In an extended sensual touch ritual the guest is honored and accepted as the man he is. Your body is spoiled, awakened, bewitched. Your intimate area is naturally taken into account and gets into the Lingam Massage (energizing touch of the penis) the attention and attention, which belongs to it.

Tantra Massage MALISHA Wien

The Lingam (= penis) massage belongs to the erotic part of the MALISHA Tantric Massage, and covers the complete range of the male genitalia. Perhaps it is surprising that a lingam massage does not necessarily have the goal of the guest coming to sexual satisfaction by experiencing an orgasm. Through the knowledge that he has no expectations to fulfill, he can completely let go and experience body, soul and spirit as a unity.
In this way the guest can get to know himself and his body in a whole new way. But, of course, you can and should also experience the sensation of experiencing this sensual massage art. Pleasantly scented body oils and a special lubricant not only ensure that the touches are more supple and thus more intense, but also help to protect the sensitive skin.
Our Tantra Massage is a very relaxing, sensitive and tender whole-body massage with far-eastern roots. Through emotional, loving touches of your whole body in a meditative atmosphere, both physical and emotional tensions are solved. Your masseur does not only use her hands, but also spoils you with a gentle tender erotic tantric body massage.
We also attach great importance to a responsible approach to your health, as well as to our masseurs.
Our masseurs are instructed to always welcome you and to take a shower. Wash your hands and disinfect them before and after each massage.
Our masseurs appreciate well-groomed clientele. We therefore appreciate it very much if you shower yourself thoroughly before the massage. If you are already freshly showered at home or at the hotel, at least hand washing before the massage is desired.
Fresh showers, slippers, deodorants and shower gels are provided in each bathroom. Showers and toilets are cleaned and disinfected in our studio after each use.