Erotic Massage Vienna


Erotic massage MALISHA Vienna – Let yourself be pampered with an erotic massage in our exclusive massage palace in Vienna!

Our body is the temple of the soul.

Sexual energy is the strongest and most original source of vitality and vitality. The understanding of the unity of body, mind and soul is expressed with our tantric MALISHA massages.
Our MALISHA Erotic Massage is a gentle but effective erotic whole body massage with the inclusion of the intimate area. Ritualized relaxation and massage techniques to activate the chakras, combined with sensual tender touches, lead to physical and mental balance and deep bliss. Pleasant music, fragrant fragrances and gentle lighting accompany you into the realm of the senses.

Erotik Massage Palast MALISHA Wien

An erotic massage with us, that is more than a few kneading exercises on the back and shoulders. An erotic massage in the MALISHA Palace can trigger deep feelings of pleasure:
Relaxation paired with two bodies, two hands and a large serving of pleasure is the recipe for an erotic massage.
Even the old Indians already knew about the advantages of erotic massages and have kept this in their Kamasutra. As a prelude to an exciting love or to the exact exploration of the body. With an erotic whole body massage, the bedroom (again) can become a place of perfect passion.
With our erotic tantric massages, the delaying of the final even plays an essential role!
In our erotic massage, the masseur inserts her whole body and increases her pleasure by adding her breasts during the erotic massage.
It is the most natural in the world that our MALISHA erotic massages have a certain intimacy. In this way, emotions can arise which desire to return something in the form of a touch. Here, there is a certain scope for tender-friendly touches such as holding the hand, hugging or gently stroking. Such touches are tolerated with us. However, the massage should be in the foreground and only passive enjoyment for the guests should be guaranteed. In general, we recommend you to be rather reserved with touch. Try to give yourself to the tender hands of your masseur during the erotic massage.