Erotic massage – The erotic body massage is a whole body massage, in which also the intimate area is tenderly and gently involved. The masseures┬áemploys your entire body during the massage. Due to the slow sliding touches and tight body contact, the real world disappears, feeling the utmost pleasure and pure relaxation, stimulating one’s own body feeling and leading to inner relaxation.
It is proven that there are nerve fibers in the human skin that react particularly sensitively to slow, sliding touches. These transmit their impulses via our own connections directly to our brains, which give rise to positive emotions such as love and sexual arousal.
Through our erotic, particularly affectionate and tender, slow-moving touches, emotions such as love and sexual arousal develop for you. The effect is strengthened by the fact that your masseur not only uses her hands for this purpose, but also stimulates you with an exciting body massage, which contributes to a close intimate body contact and thus creates a sense of intimate familiarity and happiness.

The final part of the massage consists of gentle, mindful and tender pampering of your erogenous zones and culminates in a sensitive massage of the intimate area. Our special tantric massage techniques are especially used.
We also attach great importance to a responsible approach to your health, as well as to our masseurs. Our masseurs are instructed to always welcome you and to take a shower. Wash your hands and disinfect them before and after each massage.
Our masseurs appreciate well-groomed clientele. We therefore appreciate it very much if you shower yourself thoroughly before the massage. If you are already freshly showered at home or at the hotel, at least hand washing before the massage is desired. Fresh showers, slippers, deodorants and shower gels are provided in each bathroom.
Showers and toilets are cleaned and disinfected in our studio after each use.