Yoni Massage Vienna

The Yoni massage (vagina massage or vulva massage) is the most intimate and intense experience for a woman. This technique is one of the tantra, erotic and nuru massages and actually serves to expand the woman’s consciousness on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

The aim of this erotic massage is for the woman to intensively engage with her erogenous zones and sensations when touched. It is a protected and exciting opportunity to explore the very innermost depths of your own body through the mindful touch of others.

At the MALISHA massage palace at Ebendorferstra├če 5 in Vienna, we offer erotic Yoni massages and promote your well-being and body awareness.

An erotic Yoni massage in the MALISHA Palace Vienna is an experience that you should take your time for. The Yoni masseuse creates a pleasant atmosphere with relaxing music and dim lighting so that you can completely relax and let go.

During the extensive and sensual Yoni Massage Vienna, the masseuse uses a soothing warm oil with which she slowly pampers your body from head to toe. Enjoy and feel the touch and allow yourself to be taken into deep relaxation.

If the erotic masseuse slowly approaches your Yoni, your feelings will reach a high level of pleasure and it is possible that you will reach ecstasy – with complete overwhelm of feelings. This erotic massage gently and with increasing intensity stimulates the approximately 8,000 nerve endings that end in your genital area.

During the Yoni massage, the intimate area is massaged carefully and helps the woman to perceive herself better, to feel into herself and to communicate what she likes and is good for her.

Our erotic masseuse uses a special yoni cream or lubricant to ensure that the delicate skin is not damaged and slowly makes her way to the vagina in order to devote herself extensively to the clitoris and the labia and intensively stimulate the sex by carefully penetrating the vulva. Massage point and A point.

You will get to know your body in a completely new way, because this intimate massage is not necessarily aimed at achieving sexual satisfaction. The Yoni massage is an exciting massage of the female pleasure zone and can therefore result in an orgasm. In this respect, the Yoni massage can also work as orgasm training.

Orgasms are allowed, because when you intensively experience this sensual art of massage, it is possible. However, knowing that you have no expectations to live up to allows you to completely let go and experience body, soul and spirit as one.

In our MALISHA erotic massage studio in Vienna, we attach great importance to health, cleanliness and hygiene. Our masseuses will always greet you well-groomed and freshly showered. We want the same from you.

You have the opportunity to shower before and after the nude massage in Vienna. The erotic masseuses will be happy to show you the rooms where you can freshen up before the erotic massage.

You can only enjoy the Yoni massage at the MALISHA massage palace at Ebendorferstra├če 5 in Vienna. We do NOT offer you HOME VISITS (!) for intimate massages or erotic massages in Vienna and are also not a Laufhaus massage or brothel.

At MALISHA you won’t find any cheap sex workers, hobby whores, bareback whores or sluts, because we are not a love hotel or a running house. Our erotic masseuses are excellently trained ladies who play in the same league as high-quality escort ladies and luxury models.

Yoni Massage Wien