The art of touch

Our body is the temple of the soul.

Sexual energy is the strongest and most original source of vitality and joy of life.

The understanding of the unity of body, mind and soul is expressed with our erotic MALISHA massages.

Our MALISHA massage is a gentle but effective erotic full body massage including the intimate area.

Ritualized relaxation and massage techniques to activate the chakras, combined with sensual, tender touch, lead you to physical and mental balance and deep bliss.

Pleasant meditation music, fragrant scents and soft lighting accompany you into the realm of the senses.

An absolute must is to treat your health and that of our masseuses responsibly. Hygiene and cleanliness have a very high priority.

Our erotic masseuses always welcome you well-groomed and freshly showered. Wash and disinfect your hands before and after every nude massage in Vienna.

They also value well-groomed customers. We therefore greatly appreciate it if you shower thoroughly before your erotic massage. If you arrive freshly showered from home or the hotel, you are welcome to at least wash your hands before the erotic massage.

Shower and care utensils are available in every bathroom. Showers and toilets in our erotic massage studio are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

The massages take place exclusively in the MALISHA massage palace at Ebendorferstra├če 5 in Vienna. There are NO HOME VISITS (!) for intimate massages or erotic massages in Vienna and we should not be confused with a Laufhaus massage or a brothel.

The MALISHA is also not a love hotel or a whorehouse and we don’t have any hobby whores, bareback whores, sluts or cheap sex workers. We rely on exclusive masseuses whose service can perhaps still be found with high-quality escort ladies and luxury models.